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Live Chat Libre offers a rich set of features for creating, embedding, and monitoring, live chat, chatrooms, chat bots, and forums.


Live Chat Libre makes it easy to create live chat and chatrooms
  • One click live chat channel and chatroom creation
  • Private, restricted, and hidden access control
  • Tag and categorize


Browse live chat directory
  • Search by category, tag, keywords
  • Sort by popularity, date, size
  • Browse or create your own domains

Live Chat

Add live chat to your website or mobile app.
  • Create live chat channels and chatrooms
  • Embed live chat on your own website or mobile app
  • Support multiple operators, and queuing
  • Chat automation, let a chat bot monitor, learn, and service your channel

Video Chat

Chat with live video and audio.
  • Create your own video broadcasts
  • Setup your own video conferencing
  • Chat with voice and video
  • Control who has media access to your channel


Create your own forums
  • Create your own forums
  • Embed forums on your own website or mobile app
  • Highlight featured posts
  • Edit posts as rich text, markup, or HTML
  • Add image, media, and file attachments

Chat Bots

Make your own chat bot
  • Provide automated customer service for your website or mobile app
  • No programming required
  • Train using chat logs, AIML, or Self scripts
  • Target keywords, or topics
  • Integrate with your live chat, or chatrooms


Embed your content on your own webite, or mobile app
  • Embed tab makes embedding easy
  • 5 different embedding options
  • Copy HTML or JavaScript code to your website or blog


Makes building your own website or mobile app easy
  • Access live chat, chat bots, chatrooms, and forums from web API
  • Use the JavaScript SDK to embed live chat on your own website.
  • Reuse SDK components in your own mobile app


Live Chat Libre is a free service
  • Free live chat, chatroom, forum, avatar, chat bot, and script hosting
  • Open API and open source SDK
  • Upgrade to commercial hosting on Bot Libre for Business